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The People's Bread Co.


Welcome to our online store where you can sign up for a bread subscription to suit you - weekly, bi-weekly or as you wish. We will deliver straight from our oven and fresh to your door if you live in the Wānaka or Hāwea precincts. We can send with same-day courier to Queenstown and courier overnight to main centres in the South Island. Email us for further info and to sign up for our bi-weekly delivery market.
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Min $12 order for free local delivery.


~Jeremy and Ruth Heath, The Bakers at The People's Bread Co. Est. 2013

Mobile ~ 021 265 3753

You can also find us at these stores:

- on the menu at Velo Cafe, Little Black Caravan, Federal Diner, Double Black.

- on the menu at Sherwood & The Dishery


With care and intention, we at The People's Bread produce the best quality bread for ourselves as a growing family, and we have an appetite for a meaningful eating experience. We wish to share this with others, especially at a time where there is a need for real, honest, nutritious food on the market. We are very happy to support people's health and taste for good food in a sustainable way by providing an honest and 100% great staple.

The People's Bread is 100% whole grain bread made by hand which has premium nutritional value and taste. All of our products are made from freshly milled certified organic, biological and spray-free flours with grain sourced from Canterbury. We grind the grain ourselves immediately before we make the doughs, batch by batch. The dough is left to ferment up to 24 hours during which time it works its magic activating wild yeasts and lactobacilli before being transformed into the magnificent loaves you are able to buy. You can not buy a better quality or fresher loaf than this. If you are lucky your bread will still be warm from the oven! We guarantee our bread will be delivered to you within hours of baking.

There are many benefits of eating whole grains and fermented food. Our bread combines every single one and more.

Viva La Food Revolution!

You can read more on our Facebook page in the meantime while we set up a more informative website.
User Tips:
~ add an 'extra' to your order if you want more than 1 loaf or a different kind of bread additional to your order.

*Supreme Runner-Up for the 2016 Cuisine Artisan Awards.

Webstore a weekly sourdough superloaf the original

a.The Original Sourdough Superloaf

A solid loaf of wholesome goodness. This is our classic sourdough with our signature flavour and fresh quality. Great value at $12 for 1kg and delivered fresh from the bakery's oven to your door on a weekly basis. Bi-weekly or single deliveries also available.
Ingredients - certified organic whole wheat, water, salt.

Webstore c weekly sourdough superloaf multigrain

b. Multigrain Sourdough Superloaf

~Runner Up, Cuisine Artisan Awards 2016~ Combining freshly stone ground wheat varieties and rye with brown rice, it makes for an exceptionally delicious and nutritious bread.
Great value at $12 for 1kg and delivered fresh from the bakery's oven to your door on a weekly basis. Bi-weekly and single deliveries also available.
Ingredients: various varieties of certified organic whole rye, whole wheat; brown rice, water, salt.

Webstore gluten free bread

Buckwheat, Brown Rice & Corn

Bread using freshly stone-ground grains such as buckwheat, brown rice and corn. It is delicious! 800gm seriously dense, nutritious and sustaining loaf. Free from added sugar, eggs, dairy, additives, preservatives.

Webstore b weekly sourdough superloaf rye

c. Rye Sourdough Superloaf

Our Rye is as popular as our Multigrain. Rye has a lovely earthy flavour and brings a new set of nutritional qualities. Great value at $12 for 1kg and delivered fresh from the bakery's oven to your door on a weekly basis. Bi-weekly or single delivery also an option.
Ingredients: certified organic whole rye, certified organic whole wheat, water, salt.

Webstore aa monthly bread subscription south island

d. Bread box - South Island

A box of 4 Superloaves (1kg) of your choice delivered to your door via overnight courier anywhere in the South Island.
Our bread is excellent stored sliced and frozen and you can toast straight from there. See bread options above for description of multigrain, rye or original to choose from. Price includes delivery for 4 loaves - choose the 'Subscription' freight option for free freight. Orders of less than 4 loaves incur a freight fee. Please allow 2 days for the processing of your order. We send out on Tuesdays and Thursdays following order placement.