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*** As at 6pm Sunday 29 March we have had to close off orders for new customers. We will try-evaluate on Friday to see if we can take on any more customers. Apologies for those that have missed out. Keep an eye out our Facebook page for updates ****

At Grown we are passionate about producing local vegetables for local customers. We produce all our fruit and vegetables on our Sefton farm, with the exception of our apples which come from our family orchard in Motueka. Our produce is truly produced by our Family for your Family.
Purchasing from us ensures you have local, fresh and seasonal produce directly from a local business.
Each week our boxes will change slightly. Usually on a Sunday night (occasionally Monday morning) we will email you with what’s in the coming weeks boxes. You can then add items to your box or substitute items in your box.! Choose to order a one off box, weekly or fortnightly or monthly delivery, its entrely up to you!
Please note: Boxes will not be packed or delivered until we have received payment. Cut off for orders is Tuesday 10pm. This is so we can reconcile payments and harvest to order on Wednesday and pack and deliver Thursday, fresh to your door!
Our preferred method of payment is Bank Deposit, Every Credit Card/PayPal transaction costs us nearly 5%, PayPal didn’t need this as much as us! So please consider a bank deposit. This keeps all of your payment going direct to us and allows us to deliver the best value in your boxes.
*** If you do choose to use credit card or Paypal to make automatic payments please note, this is completely independent of us. If you wish to stop or pause your payments you will need to login in to Paypal yourself ***

Webstore big grown box

Big Grown Box

A large banana box of fresh seasonal Veges from our farm to feed a family of 5+ or more voracious Vege eaters.
Will include... lettuce, apples, strawberries, potatoes, capsicum, tomatoes, carrots and other season vegetables from our farm
Note: Picture and description is a guide and subjuct to change. For current box contents check ut our facebook page ( or newsletter at

Webstore grown box

Grown Box

Our regular box to suit smaller families or couples.
Seasonal Veges from our farm including lettuce, carrots, potatoes, strawberries apples,
Note: Picture and description is a guide and subjuct to change. For current box contents check out our facebook page ( or newsletter at