Photo black isle veg boxes

Black Isle Veg Boxes

Local, organic, seasonal vegetables from our family croft at Fearniewell & other growers. We deliver the freshest home grown & locally sourced produce to your door. Fruit, eggs, beef, lamb & wool are also available in season, please check the 'extra items' list on this online shop. Photo of the box gives a relative idea of amounts but contents change weekly.

Ordering notes:

Before ordering please make sure you can pick up or have a box delivered within the Black Isle delivery area. Simply click on the size of box you'd like & you'll be guided through the order process.

Please pay by cash or bank transfer or paypal (this site does not currently process payments). Standing order payments benefit from 5% discount, please email to say you've paid this way & discount will be applied.

Delivery is WEEKLY to Rosemarkie, Fortrose, Avoch, Killen, Munlochy & Tore areas. Other areas are FORTNIGHTLY only, buckybox will offer weekly/fortnightly/monthly options so please select the appropriate timing. Next fortnightly delivery date is January 24th etc. Please place orders by Tuesday 7pm prior to Thursday delivery.

There is an option to 'customise my box', you can use this space to note anything you really don't like or have too much of & we'll try to accommodate as far as possible (allowing for what's in season). Please let us know if we ever get it wrong.

Once you get an email with account details you can set a password to log in to your account & amend orders or check payment balances etc at your convenience. Please allow 3-5 days after delivery for payment details to be updated. Forgotten passwords can be reset by emailing

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Black Isle Veg Box voucher

A healthy gift for someone! This voucher can be used for any of our products.

Webstore lamb box half lamb

Lamb pack - half

Approx 7-8 kg, May include chops, half leg, mince, rolled shoulder, gigots. Home grown & reared Gotland lamb & hogget. This product is supplied frozen. Photo is indicative, contents may vary.

Webstore lamb pack quarter

Lamb pack -quarter

Approx 3.6 - 4kg. Usually include chops/steaks, leg roast, rolled shoulder, mince. Home grown & reared Gotland lamb & hogget. This product is supplied frozen. 20% cheaper than buying individual cuts.

Webstore a veg box custom

Organic veg box - custom.

Minimum £16 order from 'extras' menu

Webstore a veg bag juicing veg

Organic veg box - Juicing veg

Roots, fruits & leaves for juice fans - carrot, apples, beetroot etc

Webstore a veg box large

Organic veg box - Large

More variety and larger amounts than the regular £12 box.

Webstore a veg box regular less potatoes 1kg

Organic veg box - regular, less potatoes (1kg)

Regular size box for those who like a few potatoes

Webstore a veg box regular no potatoes

Organic veg box - regular, no potatoes

Regular size veg box without potatoes

Webstore a veg box regular size

Organic veg box - regular size

Standard size box, usually with 5 - 7 different vegetables & herbs

Webstore a small box regular

Organic veg box - small

Small selection of roots & leaves for one person

Webstore a small box all roots

Organic veg box - small, all roots

No leaves, just roots.

Webstore sheep skin

Sheep skin, various colours available.

Luxurious rug from our croft born & raised Gotland herd, tanned by Skyeskins, available in greys, browns, white or a mix (email us for photos). Price inc. VAT. Individually priced, starting at £99.