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All orders for 5 April and after will be through the Open Food Network: . We hope this will improve the service we offer.

At Banc Organics we've been growing Organic fruit and vegetables for seven seasons, At first we grew for our families and friends within the local community. Soon this developed into a weekly Organic box/bag scheme and now we serve the Gwendraeth, Llanelli and Carmarthen areas.

All our produce is certified organic and, depending on season, nearly all the fruit and vegetables in our bags is grown at our 2 sites in Bancffosfelen. This radically reduces food miles and carbon emissions and means that our produce is healthy, environmentally friendly and can be offered at reasonable rates. We also offer a wide range of fruit, vegetables, whole foods and other products, sourced as locally and ethically as possible. These are available as 'extra items'.

To many, the "Organic" tag is synonymous with high prices. However, because we grow most of our fresh produce in Bancffosfelen, our veg bags are very competitive. Regular price comparisons show time and again that our veg. is 20-30% cheaper than the organic ranges of large supermarkets.

All orders are available for home delivery for £1.75, while deliveries to pick-up points (hubs) are free.
Payments can be made by online bank transfer or with a credit/debit card through Paypal. For home delivery customers we offer a cash on delivery option . We also accept Healthy Start vouchers.

If you order the same box every week, just set-up a standing order, tell us what you like or don't like, and let our webstore do the rest.
We hope we can bring you a healthy option in the most convenient way possible.

Please go to our website to learn more or eMail us any queries you may have.

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