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Ashurst Organics

Plumpton, East Sussex

Welcome to the Bucky Box page.
This is where you can sign up to join the scheme.
It's really simple - we hope!
GDPR - All your Data (name, email and where we need to deliver your veg) is stored on our secure server and is used ONLY for our own purposes. If you DO NOT want to receive our farm newsletters just email and let us know.

You can choose to collect from a drop off point (see all options on our website) OR if you would like it delivered just MAKE SURE you choose the correct delivery service for your area (It's a drop down list before you enter your address). If you can't see your area being catered for just call us on 01273 891219 for a chat and we'll see what we can do.

Then simply click on the box size you would like to try and the online webstore will guide you through the rest. ORDER DEADLINE - The FRIDAY Midday before delivery.

Webstore guide:
'CUSTOMISE MY BOX': - This is an option to exclude certain veg from your box. We always try to encourage people to go with the seasonal flow, enjoy the surprise and expand their culinary boundaries but if there is anything you really can't eat or have too much of already you can list it here. Give us a clue as to what to substitute it with and we'll do our very best to do just that (though of course substitutes will depend on seasonal availability). If we ever get it wrong do let us know.

'PICK A DELIVERY SERVICE' - This is where you can choose to collect from a pick up point or opt for a doorstep delivery. Make sure you don't miss this drop down list before inputting your address.

Once you have an account be sure to set a password so that you can login to change, cancel or add to an order in the future. You will be able to check your account balance though please be aware that there may be a slight delay on payments being updated.

Any problems or queries just contact us at the farm and we can set up an account and delivery for you.

Webstore standard box with spuds

a. Blue box

Standard box with spuds - At least 8 varieties. 2+ people Or 1+ when we are delivering fortnightly

Webstore 2 yellow box

b. Yellow Box

Standard box - without spuds (replaced by an alternative vegetable)

Webstore red box

c. Red box

Large box, with spuds - between 10-13 items, larger portions than the standard.

Webstore d white box

d. White box

Large box without spuds (replaced by 1 or 2 extra items)

Webstore bumper box with spuds

e. Green box

Extra large box, with spuds
4+ people or for people who really love their veg

Webstore f green white box

f. Green/white box

Bumper box without spuds (replaced by 1 or 2 extra vegetables)

Webstore orange mini veg bag

g. Orange bag

Mini bag with spuds -Between 6- 9 varieties (depending on season) smaller single portions.

Webstore h orange white bag

h. Orange/white bag

Mini veg bag without spuds (replaced by one other veg variety)

Webstore no box just extras collection point only or min 10 order

No Box..Just Extras (collection point only or Min £10 order)

Minimum order for door to door service of extras is £10