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All Saints’ Fruit & Veges

Please add $5 to your first order payment - a one off payment.

WELCOME to the All Saints’ Fruit & Veges. We aim to help people in Dunedin have access to healthy fruit and vegetables using the collective power of the community. We are linking directly with a wholesale produce provider, and volunteer helpers will be packing weekly parcels to pick up at several Distribution Centres.

How does it work?
Place your order and payment one week prior to distribution day. Packs will be available for pick up each Thursday at your local collection point.
Payment must be made by Thursday one week in advance to ensure your order proceeds.

You don’t have to order every week.

Payments can be made by Internet Banking and AP.

How do I join?
Please read our our instructions document for full details on how to join.

For help please drop into your Distribution Centre or email us and we will help you with your inquiry.

If you do not wish to sign up you can still make your order and pay by cash at your Distribution Centre the Thursday one week before delivery.